Brian L. Pilger  
Gauge Consulting

Growing small- to mid-market businesses has become a passion and forte for Brian Pilger, especially when his operations and strategy experience can be brought to bear.  So, when he left his community-focused role at the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Brian seized on the opportunity to launch his own company.  For Gauge Consulting's clients, we fill roles ranging from operations diagnostics to C-level consulting to filling full-time staff positions.

Client impact is our mission, our mantra.  We will not take on an engagement if we cannot deliver double-digit EBITDA improvement. And that's what our clients in the industrial, light manufacturing, and service operations industries get. 


When presented with this unique opportunity, Brian took a leave of absence from Gauge Consulting to become the President of Georgia Easter Oil Company (GEOCO).  GEOCO is a start-up company that develops, markets, and distributes its proprietary friction-reducing nanotechnology metal treatment applications. For their customers – particularly in the industrial, infrastructure, and transportation industries – these technologies deliver significant reductions in operating costs and environmental impact. Brought in by the Board to lead all aspects of commercializing an early-stage company, including direct customer and supplier interface, business strategy development, and financial reporting.

GEOCO ceased commercial operations in the fourth quarter of 2010, following three fully-executed independent field trials with third-party users.  While the results were promising, the benefits measured during actual use were only half that found in the laboratory experiments.  With several million more dollars in further R&D in its future, GEOCO made the difficult decision to put operations on hold.

The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

The Metro Atlanta Chamber is one of the nation’s premier Chambers of Commerce, recognized nationally and internationally for its think-tank approach to community problem-solving and economic development. Brian was hired to lead the Transportation Policy program – the Chamber’s single-greatest public policy priority – to address regional mobility and traffic congestion issues.